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Enterprise Output Management.

Enterprise output management (EOM) deals with the organization, formatting, management and distribution of data that is created by enterprise applications like banking information systems, insurance information systems, ERP (enterprise resource planning systems), CRM (customer relationship management), retail systems and many others.

With our solution, document delivery and personalized customer communications are efficiently handled through a variety of channels and with our expertise we assist our customers in transitioning from traditional paper-based processes to less-expensive, more modern processes – such as online, email, and mobile.

Document Delivery via Multi-Channel Distribution

The technologies that we have adopted (StreamServe) enable powerful document delivery functionality empowering companies to distribute enterprise communications to customers, partners, and employees - all through the recipient’s preferred channel, such as print, email, fax, online, mobile, etc.

Enterprise Output Management Diagram

This type of output management can simultaneously produce multiple versions of any document, such as a PDF, a printed document, and an email version and archive the document at the same time.

What our solution can offer:

Personalized distribution

Give customers a choice for how they want to receive their account opening documents

User and Role Management

Design user authorization down to specific points of the document automation process

Usage Management

Gather statistics on the volume of content created, set benchmarks to analyze trends, and enable managers to monitor how and which business documents are communicated

Personalized Customer Communications

Creates a communication profile for each of the institution’s customers and stores it internally. A communication profile defines the communication preferences of a customer, and provides information about the format in which the document must be sent to each customer.

This profile management enables support for personalized preferences in terms of delivery channels - even in automated batch printing. The business system therefore only needs to deliver the raw document data; it does not need to concern itself with final format or delivery channels.

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