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Document Composition.

Our solution helps users get valuable data out of back-office systems without an army of programmers.

With StreamServe at its core our solution has dynamic document composition capabilities, users can present this data along with marketing messages in a way that improves customer satisfaction, increases loyalty and retention, and drives revenue.s.

What our solution can offer:

Superior Document Composition

Transform ordinary customer communications and correspondence into powerful one-to-one marketing channels. With dynamic document management business managers have direct control over marketing helping them to create, manage, and distribute personalized marketing messages for enterprise documents, including account statements, billing invoices, and customer correspondence.

Document composition capability delivers powerful benefits for the business manager:

Document Composition Diagram

Reduction in IT workload

Our solution eliminates duplicate coding efforts and reduce development time related to document composition delivering intuitive workflow routing and an intuitive Web-based interface to business managers to simplify the document composition process, thus freeing IT to focus on higher-value initiatives.

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