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Document Automation.

Document process automation solutions enable document post-processing and distribution to be centralized for easy management, no matter where and when the actual documents are produced.

Documents produced at different geographical locations by different departments and at different times can be collected and scheduled for printing at specific times.

By incorporating StreamServe at its core our solution gives the greatest flexibility in design and implementation that will satisfy the most complex business requirements.

What our solution can offer:

Data Integration

Data integration allows an organization to:

Effective Order Processing

Provide insight into how an organization distributes content to its customers and other recipients.

Manages both the content and distribution, and counts the usage. For example, it can monitor how many invoices have been sent out and through which channels.

Set benchmarks to analyze trends in their communications, as well to compare customer interactions among different regions, countries, business units, and departments.

Electronic Document Management that Meets the Customer’s Expectations

Capitalizing on the "any time" nature of the online world, our solution can also make electronic documents available for self-service access at the recipient’s convenience.

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